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Sunscreens are one of our most popular products for day time privacy and UV protection. They are operated on a roller blind system.

Sunscreens protect your carpet and furnishings from UV fading and reduce glare on surfaces and TV or Computer screens.

We offer a wide range of neutral colours to suit your colour scheme, we also offer different weave openness which determines the UV protection rating.

As a general rule with the colours the darker colours are easier to see out of, however lighter colours keep the space feeling light and bright.

For this reason we have a white and a black sunscreen on display side by side in our showroom which is worth having a look at to help you decide on what will work best for you.

Sunscreens can be made to suit doors and windows up to 3 metres wide. If your doors or windows are wider than 3 metres we have the ability to link 2 or 3 blinds to cover this space.

This product is not private at night when you have the lights on, for that reason you may need a second blind, which we offer in the way of double blinds using a double bracket.

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